An Action-Adventure Fantasy Film

Say Roar Studio is creating a  World-Class Studio in Coeur d’Alene specializing in  Animation, Film, and Emerging Story Experiences (VR, AR, XR).

  • Create and share a fantastic story-driven film.
  • (It’s called “The Goldfish Project”)
  • Create exciting & rich characters.
  • (They’re named Gizmo, Kate, and Jaime.)
  • Achieve the highest-quality standards in computer animation.
  • (We’re working on that right now…)
  • Release a multi-flow VR Episode in parallel with the Feature Film.
  • (Stay tuned…)
  • Create 10+ Jobs in CDA, ID between 2018-2020.
  • (We’re up to about 15+ contractors now… More hires soon.)
  • Create an Edu-to-Biz Bridge via Internship opportunities. 
  • (We hosted interns from University of Idaho in Summer 2018.)
  • Our CDA-Based Animation Studio hosts Semester-Long Internships for students at The University of Idaho & North Idaho College.
  • (Stay tuned…)

Local University Students gain practical and hands-on experience working alongside members of our International Team at our CDA-based Studio.

During the course of your internship you will be invited to participate on our upcoming “Top Secret” projects.

Internship Tracks

  • Film Track — in Blender and Unity
  • Application Development Track — in Unity, iOS, Xcode, Android IDEs


  • Internships last one semester.
  • To qualify you must be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student at University of Idaho.
  • Advisor Recommendation
  • Participation in a Local Program
  • Uof I — Virtual Worlds
  • NIC — XR/Animation/Game Design
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Unity and/or Blender 3D.
  • Bonus: Expert-Level Skills in any of these Key Areas:
  • Rigging
  • Character Modeling
  • Fast Character Iteration in Blender (Skin Modifier / Box Modeling; or ZBrush or Modo)


Our team will review each applicant’s portfolio for 5-minutes.  In that time, your skill, talent, point of view, area of interest, and range of skills should be clearly demonstrated.

Recommended:  Prepared a single cumulative show reel.  Alternatively screen capture and narrate a tour of your favorite works. Video Uploads to Unlisted YouTube or Vimeo Private Password Videos are acceptable.

Links to an online collection of works (ArtStation, Vimeo, or similar) are acceptable as supplementary submission, but do not serve as your primary submission.

The Journey to the Big Screen

The Goldfish Project welcomes your support.  We are creating a computer animation film that will rival the best CGI films from the last 5 years, and will be enjoyed by an audience of millions for years to come. This is truly a unique opportunity!


Strategic Product and Environment Placements

— More Positions… Stay Tuned!

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